Ask mom to eat first

Various national and international communities have addressed women’s issues and taken various efforts to empower them to enhance their social and health status.
India ranks 141 on the health index in World Economic Forum’s The Global Gender Gap Report, which benchmarks gender gaps in 142 countries on economic, political, education, and health-based criteria.
National Family Health Survey — 3 indicates that 35.6 percent of Indian women are chronically undernourished, with Body Mass Index (BMI) lesser than the cut-off point of 18.5.

This absence and dearth in our segment of society could be an upshot of the stereotypes our women underpins. We quite reliably know the fact that our very own mothers are reluctant to eat their meal before others are done. These undertakings by our ladies are often ignored by us. We are ignorant about the small efforts made by our women. Let’s vow an attempt to serve today’s dinner to our mothers first. Cater their plate and ask them to start from their part for the day. “ *_I promise the delight you would witness in their eyes, would feed you your dinner for tonight_* “. Let’s seek to endeavor this attempt and play our part for this women’s day.

We are slowly witnessing a steep recognition of the contribution of our women and the retirement of the stereotypes about their position. Those in the underprivileged sections, those working in fields for their living, those mothers sacrificing their dreams for their family, all must get their appreciation and recognition for work done. It is the trifling actions that make the world a better place. Our small initiative could be a great trackway for the betterment of our women. They deserve a lot from our side. Remember some efforts are big some are small but the one that comes from the heart is the best.

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